The Mask

Jim Carrey pulls off yet another hit playing Stanley Ipkiss and the Mask. The star of the runaway Ace Ventura hit series is back, and he's as hyperactive as ever---only as the Mask though. As the new accounts guy at a bank managed by a spoilt brat, Ipkiss is a mild-mannered blundering dodo, until he dons the mask where he is transformed into someone who doesn't hold back from doing what his innermost desires want.

Ipkiss dons the mask (supposedly containing the imprisoned (by Odin) spirit of Loki, the Norse god of mischief), robs the bank he works at, and goes on to woo Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz), Dorian's moll, with the help of the mask's powers. Dorian (Peter Greene), who has ambitions of his own, resents her affection for Ipkiss' alter-ego and decides to get rid of the Mask. Meanwhile, the Mask isn't too popular with the cops either since he robbed the bank and destroyed the floor of his apartment lobby to get even with his nagging landlady. So he becomes a target of both the cops and the gangsters. To make things works, Dorian gets a hold of the mask and becomes even more evil and ruthless.

All's well in the end when Ipkiss regains the mask (thanks to his dog Milo) and sets things right---and, of course, Dorian's moll now is in love with Ipkiss since he was the only guy who didn't treat her like a plaything, and she accepts him even though he gets rid of the mask in the end. Carrey's antics suit both characters and if you don't get tired of seeing his teeth, it makes for great viewing; catch it on the large screen if you can.

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