Man of the House

Man of the House horrible. Except Chevy Chase acting. Chevy Chase (aka Squatting Dog) plays role of temporary dad who interested in divorced mother (Farrah Fawcett). However, mother dotes upon her 11-year old son (aka Little Wing). Little Wing (Jonathan Thomas) also treasures relationship. Little Wing does not like new intrusion. Little Wing thinks new person will also leave mother. Just like old father. Little Wing try very hard to scare away mother's suitor. But suitor stubborn. Gangsters make it hard for Little Wing to accomplish this. But no matter anyway. Little Wing think Squatting Dog okay after all.

Did you guess there is some American Indian stuff in the movie? To be fair to them, they did say that American Indians don't talk like that. But hey, if they can do a rain dance to Gonna Make ya' Sweat by C&C Music Factory...

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