Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is a lot better than Travolta's last effort, Battlefield: Earth. The character he plays in this film isn't really that much different, but the context is more appropriate.

Travolta is Russ Richards, the celebrity weather man for the small town of Harrisburg, PA and also the owner of a snowmobile dealership. When it doesn't snow, Russ runs short of money and is threatened with a foreclosure of his business. After a botched robbery attempt (made to collect on the insurance), Russ turns to his sex partner Crystal Latrow (Lisa Kudrow) who happens to be the Lotto girl for the state lottery. With the help of Gig (Tim Roth), a local strip-club owner, they hatch a scheme to fix the 6.4 million Lotto jackpot numbers. Their scheme works, but people close to them find out and want in on the money, to a point where the situation really gets out of control.

The movie's focus is on how Russ digs himself deeper into his hole; the eventually resolution is quick and dirty (perhaps even a bit unsatisfying). Travolta, Kudrow, and Roth present decent performances. Travolta plays a bit of a moron and is painful to watch, but that's as it should be. To me, the run Travolta has had since his comeback in Pulp Fiction has been interesting: every once in a while, he does end up in a really good (Get Shorty, Face/Off) or interesting (Primary Colors) film, but this is neither among his best nor his worst.

The real star of this film, however, is Bill Pullman as a lazy police officer. Like with Battlefield Earth there's a hilarious scene that had me rolling with laughter (which has to do with the clumsiest way to dispose a body). The sound track (like the one from the recent Charlie's Angels) puts together a string of cool 70s and 80s hits. There's nothing extremely special about Lucky Numbers, but it is a decent time killer that's worth renting or the matinee fare.

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