Johnny Mnemonic

This is surely bound to appeal to most computer nerds out there. It did to me. This is one of the first screenplays by William Gibson to hit the mainstream, even though it was originally only a short story. As is usual with most of his works, the plot is not grounded in any basis of reality and it might disappoint some. But as a work of pure fiction it takes you through a gripping roller-coaster ride. Keanu Reeves is Johnny Mnemonic, an information courier, who has an implant in his brain (at the cost of some long-term memory) that can carry huge amounts of information. Except that in order to pull off a job that would lead to his memory being restored, he decides to overload his implant's capacity. The rest of the movie is essentially devoted to his desperate attempts to get rid of the data in his brain. Be sure to check this out on the big screen for the cool visual effects and the interpretation of what "cyberspace" looks like. While the movie might try to make references to current computing and networking terminology, you'd be best off ignoring them.

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