Jade has to be one of the most contrived movies I've seen. It doesn't help that the acting is horrible. The actors appeared to have been bored out of their minds during the filming, and it projects onto the screen. Guess where that leaves the audience.

The plot is a classic whodunnit-type thriller: two best friends from college in love with the same woman (Katrina Gavin; Linda Fiorentino). Eventually the woman chooses one over the other, but all three remain friends. As it so happens, the chosen man (Matt Gavin; Chazz Palminteri) becomes a high powered attorney and the rejected one (David Corelli; David Caruso) works for the state of California as an assistant District Attorney.

When a reputed art collector is murdered in his home, Katrina Gavin becomes the prime suspect. Pictures of the Governor of California (Richard Crenna) are found in the house, in a compromising position. When the woman in the pictures is tracked down, she is brutally run over by a car. A witness who saw Katrina Gavin and others go into the art collector's house is next in line to kick the bucket.

Needless to say, the audience is supposed to initially think she did it. Then, when we decide she is innocent, we are supposed to think the husband did it. Boring plot line. Pathetic sex scenes. Not worth paying to see, even on video.

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