Identity is a very clever metaphorical movie that works for the most part until you figure out the meaning behind it - if you do it towards the end, i.e., as it is revealed to you, then you'll enjoy it more than if you catch on very early.

The movie is essentially about ten (really eleven) different characters that come together in a motel during a storm. There's Larry (John Hawkes), the manager of the motel; Caroline Suzanne (Rebecca DeMornay), an actress whose fifteen minutes have come and gone; Robert Maine (Jake Busey), a prisoner who is in the custody of Rhodes (Ray Liotta), the police officer escorting him; George York (John McGinley), the step-father of Timothy (Bret Loehr), a troubled young child; Alice (Leila Kenzle), the child's mother; Paris (Amanda Peet), a prostitute; Ginny (Clea DuVall) and Lou (William Lee Cott), a newly-married couple; and finally, there's Ed (John Cusack), a limousine driver who used to be a police officer.

There's someone or something killing off these people. The prisoner is implicated as someone who's mentally troubled and about to be executed, but is also being considered for a last-minute pardon as a parallel story.

The atmosphere is terrific. The acting is top notch. And even though there are some holes in the plot, it is thought provoking. And there are two twists to this story. Identity is a suspenseful thriller that's definitely worth a rental or checking out on the big screen.

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