How Stella Got Her Groove Back

How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a story about an unrealistic romance between two people who are worlds apart, starting with a massive difference in age that results in a difference in fundamental values.

In the film, Stella Payne (Angela Bassett), a stock broker, takes a long deserved vacation to Jamaica. There she meets Winston Shakespeare (Taye Diggs), who is twenty years her junior, and falls in love with him. Needless to say, the age difference leads to certain problems in the relationship, which they work through by the end after going through the cliched "break up and make up" phase.

My experience, for what it's worth, is that life is far more complicated than the movie would like us to believe (or for that matter, people who are taken in by the movie would like to believe). While the sort of disparity seen in the relationship between Payne and Shakespeare can be overcome in the long term, I think it is done more through a best friend relationship than a romantic one. The interesting aspect of the movie (and the book) is that it is depicted as a journey of discovery for Payne, whereas it really is a journey of discovery for Shakespeare, who can give Payne what she wants and needs (something that her work apparently cannot).

The acting is decent, but there's nothing in this film to write home about. The movie is based on the novel by Terry McMillan, and as is usually the case, the book is better. It is a decent romantic movie, however, and worth taking your date to (regardless of the age difference).

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