Hope Floats

Hope Floats has some interesting scenes, but is a boring groan-inducing movie for the most part. The opening scene, perhaps the best one in the movie, starts off as a talk show audience delight in the misery of Birdie Pruitt (Sandra Bullock) who has just learned that her husband has been cheating with her best friend.

Devastated, Birdie leaves the fast Chicago life and heads back to Smithville Texas, her home town, with her young daughter Bernice (Mae Whitman). Birdie, once elected Queen of Corn three years in a row (an unparalleled achievement in the history of Smithville), finds single life difficult to adjust to, particularly when the people she knew in high school feel free to rub salt in her wounds.

The one exception who appears to treat Birdie normally is Justin Matisse (Harry Conick, Jr.) who had a crush on her as teen. If the story hasn't yet started sounding familiar to you, it should: the relationship between Birdie and Justin ploddingly progresses to its obvious end, without any real resolution of issues between Birdie and her former husband, her daughter, and her high school acquaintances.

The best part in Hope Floats is the presence of young Travis (Cameron Finley) who mimics animals which makes for some humour. Other than that, this movie is a total dud.

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