Movie ramblings history and motivation

I initially started writing reviews as a way of putting discussions that a group of us had after watching a particular movie into words, and then using the written text to argue with that group over e-mail. These "reviews" were generally loose and informal, and were really meant for people who had seen the movie. After I had accumulated a few such missives, I began putting them up on my web site (which has been around since mid-1993 in one form or another, making it one of the first web sites ever; the reviews were the beginnings of the vast narcissistic expanse you see now). I also began writing more formal reviews (I prefer to think of them as analyses), which have been constantly evolving.

Movie reviews, or analyses, really serve as a means for me to spew my philosophy to the world (thus it comes under "pseudointellectual ram-blings"). I don't care about reviewing a movie as much as getting some philosophical message out of it and putting it down in words. Some movies lend themselves to this (so I can go on and on for paragraphs; see reviews of Contact or South Park for examples) and some don't. Thus my primary audience for the review are people who have already seen the movie. For more exposition on this viewpoint, see what I look for in art and entertainment.

I have made no pretense that my reviews are anything more than my opinionated rantings, but I have the view that these are just as "valid" as any "good" critic's statements. (I'm not the only one who shares that view.)

I would like to think I have grown as a reviewer/analyst. As a result, I don't care very much for the first reviews I wrote. While I've tried to fix some of them, a few others simply suck (I plan to eventually rework all of them eventually, as people complain about it).

The page is updated as I see a new movie and it can take me one or two weeks to get the review done (usually it's one or two days). I don't believe in a rating system, but I do sometimes say whether a movie is worth watching on the big screen, or worth renting, or whether it should be skipped. Right now, I only do ratings due to time constraints.

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