What happens to your soul after you die? Hideaway attemps to answer this, but there are no new ideas here. Once again the forces of good and evil are thrown in conflict against each other at the expense of a few human lives. Jeff Goldblum (the Chaos mathematician from Jurassic Park) is brought back to life after he is technically supposed to be dead. He is not alone on his journey back, however. To make things a bit more complicated, Goldblum isn't the first patient of the doctor who revives him. The first patient (whose identity makes for a reasonably interesting twist in the movie) also brings something back, but it's not the nicest thing in the world. Since both these patients have died, there's a psychic connection between them which leads to a final confrontation between the good spirit and the evil spirit.

It's based on the Dean Koontz novel and it's a great flick to see on the big screen if you're into horror and like special effects. The soundtrack is excellent, with a lot of hardcore/thrash music.

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