Guarding Tess

It's kinda far-fetched, but the movie is about this difficult ex-First Lady and the secret agent who is assigned to guard her. Tess Carlisle (Shirley McLaine) and Doug Chesnic (Nicholas Cage), her guardian, are at odds with each other and the tension they create is what makes the movie worth watching. Their interaction is really well done, and of course, they really care about each other and sappy stuff like that. This is made evident when Tess is kidnapped (for real) in the end and Doug's feelings for her are made evident. It's certainly a good time killer: I'd wait for it come out on video.

One of the things that is brought out well (i.e., comically) throughout this movie is how people act when they're in a position of power. The President and the ex-First Lady both abuse their position. Sure, this was a comedy and I shouldn't take it seriously, but the truth of the matter is that our politicians are held in too high a "reverence" (in terms of security, salary, protection, etc.) for the work they do for us, which for the most part is driven by their own personal agenda (does "Whitewater" sound familiar?).

This again brings up what is a recurring theme in my philosophy: our system really sucks. A democracy isn't supposed to give this much power to any set of individuals. The thing is, as time goes by, things get worse. Believe in individuality as Nietzsche did. To draw an analogy to the Internet, the most power anyone has on there belongs to the sysadm of a given machine and the power pocket is so small that he is easily accessible with the people who use his machine. This is something, as I have stressed before, I don't want changed on the net. This is also something I'd like to see our democratic process adopt. I think given current technology, it definitely is possible to be have something that is "by the people".

It's easy to criticise but hard to act, though. Refuse to vote. As MAD magazine commented, the American Presidential election has become the process of picking out the candidate that is the least of all the evils.

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