A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie delivers what it promises: a heart-warming feel good cartoon story about Goofy. We've all seen movies about mice and ducks. But as they say, every dog has his day and this time it's Goofy's turn. Here, Goofy is a father with a son named Max. Max has a crush on a girl in his school, Roxanne. Max's idol is Powerline, a Michael Jackson-like pop star.

Max's attempts to impress Roxanne by imitiating his idol's antics is not looked upon favourably by the school principal. The principal has a word with Goofy, who then decides it's time for a bit of father and son bonding: a fishing trip to Lake Destiny. However, Max isn't thrilled with this idea since he won't be close to Roxanne. The basic plot is the father and son reconcilation as they head out on open road.

The animation isn't anything spectacular, though the music is fairly decent. The plot is typical Disney and the ending is highly predictable. However, there's nothing in this movie that characterises Goofy as well as some of the stories or cartoons in the past did. Disney might've been better off following the SuperGoof theme.

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