Friday the 13th movie series

Jason X

Jason Vorhees is back... again. It turns out that our favourite character from the Friday the 13th movie series was never really killed, but preserved in a cryogenic chamber along with his captor and thawed more than 400 years into the future.

As soon as that happens, he starts dispatching his "rescuers" one by one. Eventually his brains and brawn are pitted against the brains and beauty of Rowan (Lexa Doig). He loses round 1, comes back as Uber Jason, and loses round two. Gore and blood abound.

If you've seen films from the series and the genre, there's nothing new here. However, Jason X is a nicely done, shock flick. There are enough scenes in there that'll either make you gag or burst out laughing. Definitely worth watching if you're into the genre and being able to laugh at it, and skipping if not. What next?

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