Fled is the story of two convicts, Piper (Laurence Fishburne) and Dodge (Stephen Baldwin), chained together and on the run. They escape from a roadwork detail in the middle of Georgia after one of their fellow convicts steals a gun and kills off all the cops guarding the detail. They are chased by helicopters and K-9 units but are not caught (even though they spend time playing the harmonica and fighting with each other, interludes that could've been easily cut out from the movie). They flee into Atlanta where they meet up with Cora (Salma Hayek) who helps them out as she becomes Piper's love interest.

We learn that Dodge stole a few million dollars from the Cuban Mafia. The head of the Mafia, Frank Mantajano (Michael Nader), is on trial and the Attorney General's primary witness has been eliminated by Mantajano's men. The AG needs a disk that Dodge possesses which contains incriminating evidence needed to convict Mantajano. Naturally, Mantajano also wants the disk and sends his own men after Dodge.

What follows is a confusing bunch of scenes involving Cuban Mafia men and crooked Federal Marshals like Pat Schiller (Robert John Burke). We never know who is on which side. The only real good guy (in terms of character and acting) is Will Patton (Matthew Gibson), the small town cop who busted Dodge in the first place. Eventually he is the one who puts things together and stops Piper and Dodge from walking into a trap set by Schiller.

This movie has its moments but ultimately it is just a low rate action movie. There are some funny scenes though, particular when references other movies (which they've ripped off of) are made. The motorcyle chases are also pretty cool. I recommend renting it if you're really bored.

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