Feeling Minnesota

It is clear that Keanu Reeves has not been choosing the best script material recently, and Feeling Minnesota is just one more example. The movie is about two brothers, Sam Clayton (Vincent D'Onofrio), the older child and the mother's favourite, and Jjaks Clayton (Reeves), the black sheep of the family. After spending some time in prison, Jjaks returns home just in time for his brother's wedding to Freddie (Cameron Diaz). It turns out that the marriage is arranged by Sam's boss, Red (Delroy Lindo), as a present for Sam for finding out that Freddie had stolen $10,000 from Red. (The marriage also serves as Freddie's punishment.)

What follows is a confusing turn of events that begins when Jjaks and Freddie get together in the bathroom during the reception of the wedding and eventually run off to be together. Most of the confusion is due to the scriptwriters taking generous liberties with regards to the sequence of events. The audience is led to believe one thing, and immediately told otherwise. This is okay to some degree, but it gets frustrating and insulting.

The acting is nothing spectacualr. There is a cameo by Courtney Love who plays a waitress, which I somehow think was well-suited. The scenery is bleak and depressing. Some points in the movie are surreal, and some are just plain weird. There are some humourous moments as well. I recommend waiting for this on video.

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