Fear is a fast-paced thriller about a possessive lover who stalks his on-again off-again teenage girlfriend. Mark Wahlberg plays David McCall, the psychopathic boyfriend of Nicole Walker (Reese Witherspoon).

Nicole meets David at a rave and starts a relationship with him. Things seem to be perfect for Nicole as David ingratiates himself with her family and friends. But his darker side rears its ugly head when he reacts violently to Nicole's platonic friendship with Gary Rohmer (Todd Caldecott).

Now, any sane person would see this incident and distance themselves away from their lover as far and as fast as possible. While Nicole tries this, David manages to win her over again. Until she finds out that her friend Margo Masse (Alyssa Milano) is raped by David. At this point that the powerful theme of cyclic abuse falls apart and degenerates into a slug fest.

The performance by Wahlberg is quite good. I think he has great potential as an actor. The music in the soundtrack left a bit to be desired. Fear is definitely worth renting.

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