Fair Game

The only appeal movies like Fair Game have is that they allow good looking people to show off their looks (to satisfy any sexual preference or orientation). It's debatable whether it's even worth spending time writing a review for such movies, but I'm too stubborn to not express my opinion.

Kate McQuean (Cindy Crawford) is a civil lawyer involved in a case with high stakes (don't ask why). Max Kilpatric (William Baldwin) is a cop in Dade County, Florida. When McQuean is shot at while jogging, Kilpatric gets involved with her (presumably it lets him forget his troubles with his temperamental girlfriend (Salma Hayek)). Subsequent attempts on her life only makes him all the more determined to protect her. She repays his gratitude by running away from him, and Kilpatric still runs after her.

The best scene in the movie is when McQuean is hitting Kilpatric, when he says "give me your best shot" and she kisses him. I sincerely hope for the director's sake that this was intended to be completely humourous.

Of course, the movie wouldn't be fun if McQuean and Kilpatric got away entirely. In the end, McQuean is captured so that the ex-KGB thug (Steven Berkoff) after them can ascertain whether or not she has revealed what she knows to someone else. The movie is so hokey that it actually ends up being amusing, in a perverse sort of way. I recommend skipping this one.

Movie ram-blings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org|| April 10, 1998