Drop Zone

I think Wesley Snipes is a great actor, combining humour and action well, and he doesn't disappoint in this movie. Here he plays Federal Marshall Pete Nessip who loses his brother/partner and the prisoner they were escorting during the course of a 747 hijack. Everyone is duped into believing that the hijackers were all killed when the plane is ruptured by an explosion. Nessip suspects otherwise and attempts to track down his brother's killers.

The plane is hijacked to liberate Nessip's prisoner, a computer hacker named Earl Leedy (Michael Jeter). Leedy is immediately put to work by Ty Moncrieff (Gary Busey), the head of the organisation that freed him in order to break into various computers. In their most daring attempt, they attempt to infiltrate the DEAs computers in order to obtain information regarding undercover drug agents. Montcreiff plans to sell this information to the drug lords and make a lot of profit. Nessip, aided by an expert skydiver, Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler), attemps to thwart their attempts. This involves high speed chases through the sky, crash landings, broken bones, and of course, plenty of fighting action. Interestingly enough, there is no romance between Nessip and Crossman, and this alone has made it more worthy of my respect than other movies done in a similar style, like Speed.

Time to take some skydiving lessons.

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