Double Team

Double Team is the story of Jack Quinn (Jean-Claude Van Damme), an anti-terrorist agent who has been chasing many terrorists for the last few years. His nemesis, Stavros (Mickey Rourke), resurfaces and Quinn is asked to come out of retirement for one last mission, to kill Stavros. He has the perfect opportunity but does not take it because a child is in close range and his own impending fatherhood stops him from risking harm to the child. Things go amuck and the child is killed. Quinn is injured and when he wakes up he finds himself in "The Colony", an anti-terrorist think tank, where they put ex-agents who are too valuable to kill but too dangerous to let out. Everyone thinks he is dead but Quinn rebuilds his strength and plans his escape.

When he does finally escape in a brilliant display of stuntwork and ingenuity he joins up with Yaz (Dennis Rodman) who supplies him with guns and helps him to defeat Stavros and save his wife and baby boy. They throw around a few too many basketball puns but all in all Rodman does an decent job.

The final moments where Quinn and Stavros face off in Gladitorial type combat are stunning. Visually speaking, the movie is quite beautiful, which is rare for an action movie. It's a shame the calibre of the actors involved wasn't much better, as the plot is quite novel too. Double Team is worth seeing, even though it is totally unbelievable.

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