Diva is a brilliantly filmed movie in terms of cinematography and direction, but there is a problem with pacing and basic plot.

The "diva" in question is Cynthia Hawkins (Wilhelmenia Wiggins-Fernandez), a famous opera singer who refuses to have recordings of her performance made in the name of commercialism. She has a huge fan in Jules (Frederic Andrei) who, among other things, rides his motorcylce from Paris to Munich to see her in concert, steals her gown, and tapes her surreptitiously. Unrelated to this plot device, Jules falls in possession of a tape that names the superintendent of police an accomplice in a white prostitute slavery ring. Jules doesn't realise he has the tape and so the gangsters involving in the prostitute ring are after him, getting rid of people in his path. Meanwhile the tape he has made of the diva's finest performance falls into the wrong hands and they threaten to release major bootleg copies of it.

The acting is decent but the dissonance with regards to the major plots does not work very well. The pacing is very slow until the very end where Jules and his quirky friends have to bargain for the tapes and their lives. The characters are fascinating and the acting is fairly decent. The score by Vladimir Cosma is excellent, as is the soprano singing of La Wally by Wiggins-Fernandez. Worth renting.

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