CyberTracker is a tale that describes what happens if the justice system were ever handed over to computers. It's a typical "man meets machine; man wins" movie. Here the Trackers, which carry out sentences, are controlled by a crooked senator and a crooked police chief. But they are in turned controlled by the person who puts out the trackers in the first place, who envisions a future of artificial beings. The movie is quite decent, and the action scenes with Don "The Dragon" Wilson keep it moving in a fast-paced manner.

The movie gets its basic premise wrong, however: Humans aren't allowed to carry out sentences single-handedly. A computer, even one is as intelligent as a human, should be expected to do no better. But computers might perhaps be better suited to pass out judgements (which the humans in this movie were clearly incabable of doing in a proper and unbiased manner).

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