I guess you need to be somewhat, in order to pay $7 to see this movie. "As if", you say, either at the mere suggestion or having gotten your money's worth. But the problem is that although Clueless plays upon the ups and downs of what goes on in the minds of impressionable teenagers in a reasonable fashion, it fails to address to the reasons behind any of the moral claims it makes, and thus ends up either being preachy or simply inane.

Virginity seems to be in, and Clueless seems to have picked one up in this regard. The anti-drug message is old, but there's some provision given for pot (which I really think shouldn't be lumped with the other drugs). Traditional boundaries between cliques based on innate features (colour, sexuality, etc.) become fuzzy and are replaced by boundaries based on actions (being fried, being a nerd, etc.). The rest of the story essentially revolves around Cher (Alicia Silverstone), and her teenage lifestyle. Unlike Heathers, which really made me wish I had experienced high school in this country, this movie really isn't that insightful. Nor does it paint a picture that depicts the extraordinariness of the characters---in the end, everyone turns out to be boringly normal.

Cher is the social queen bee in her school. She knows who the cool people in her school are. So when a new transfer student arrives, she decides to make up the student in her persona; so her the ropes, so to speak. She's all too successful, as her new-found friend dethrones her from her seat of popularity and sets her sight on Cher's step-brother, Josh, whom Cher pretends she hates but really likes. The rest of the story gets sickeningly sweet after that.

There are quite a lot funny moments and it's worth renting someday, but I'd advise saving your money and watching MTV instead.

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