One of the most boring movies I've seen this summer is The Client. Tommy Lee Jones couldn't have performed worse and Susan Sarandon should've done a sequel to Thelma and Louise instead of acting in this one.

The story's about this 11-year old who interrupts a suicide and learns things he shouldn't know regarding The Mob. Once he has learnt the appropriate information, then the lawyer kills himself. Right here, the potential for the climax that could've built up has been destroyed because the audience knows what 11-year old Mark Sway knows: the location of a Mob victim. Of course, The Mob (and the FBI) tries everything to get Mark Sway, but Reggie (Sarandon) Love, a lawyer, helps him out by thwarting The Mob's intentions, and makes sure he and his family get into the Witness Protection Program with a white house and a walk-in closet.

There's some humanitarian issues that are touched upon, including the fact that Mark Sway's father was an abusive alcoholic, and how Reggie Love's children were taken away from her and how she becomes an alcoholic. But it's too pseudosentimental.

Here cops are shown as the bad guys and there's a time when young Mark refers to the cop who's trying to intimidate him (designed to incite the audience) as a "pig". Don't get me wrong: I don't think much of people in authority, but sometimes I wonder about blind prejudice against cops---after all, they do put their lives in lines for the rest of those who do not have time to do so themselves.

I wouldn't goto, or bother renting, this one.

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