Celtic Pride

Celtic Pride is a basketball movie starring Dan Akroyd and Daniel Stern as two rabid fans of the Boston Celtics. The Celtics have reached the NBA finals, and lose the 6th game in the series to the Utah Jazz, resulting in a 3-3 tie. The final decisive game, played in the Boston Garden just before it's torn down, will immortalise the winning team in the annals of Basketball history.

Our heroes, with typical Irish names such as Jimmy Flaherty (Akroyd), and Mike O'Hara (Stern), in a desire to see their team win, inadvertently kidnap the egomanical star of opposing team, Lewis Scott (Damon Wayans). This starts the downslide from which the plot never recovers.

Much of excitement in Celtic Pride is derived from the basketball game action (both from the players and from the fans) rather than the antics of Akroyd and Stern. While there are a few jokes that work really well, a lot of is clumsy and unappealing. The scary thing is that the stereotypes of the fans of Basketball, and sports fans in general, is on the mark, but there are is no psychoanalysis in the script. This is worth renting if you're really bored, but I'd skip it otherwise.

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