This is the Hollywood version of the famous comic book character and in some ways I'm happy about the movie and in others ways I'm disappointed. Going into this movie, I didn't know what to expect. As soon as I saw the first scenes I realised it was going to be markedly different from the comic book, where most of Casper's adventures happen in the Enchanted Forest. Anyways, in this movie you have Kat Harvey, a teenage girl, and her father, Dr. James Harvey, who is a ghost counselor. Kat's father is in search of her mother, his wife, who is deceased. Carrigan Crittenden. the new owner of a spooky mansion, Whipstaff Manor, haunted by Casper and colleagues Fatso, Stinky, and Stretch is in search of the treasure hidden in its recesses. She thus invites Kat and her father with the hope that they will be able to get rid of the ghosts. Casper then falls for Kat and it becomes a case of the spirit willing but the flesh being weak. And so the story goes. Be sure to catch it for at least the historic/cultural value. It's quite funny at times, and is weak. And supplemented by a couple of decent cameos. I missed Wendy.

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