Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh

Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh is your standard slash-and-gore horror flick, but it is done quite well. Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd) is a black slave who impregnates his white lover and thus incurs the wrath of the people of New Orleans. So they decide to cut off his hand and smear it with honey (he is thus christened Candyman), and let a swarm of bees feast on him. Just before he dies, his soul is transferred to his lover's mirror.

Several decades years later, Robitaille returns with a hook for his hand, as the Candyman. This time, he is brought back by various people who ignore the advice that his name shouldn't be uttered five times in a row in front of the mirror. As he goes around putting his hooked hand through people's bodies (I wonder how he manages to get a hook to come through), Annie (Kelly Rowan), his primary infatuation, attempts to destroy the mirror in which his soul is trapped, in an attempt to save herself from him. Look for Candyman 3 sometime soon.

It's a rather powerfully presented movie. I will honestly admit that I do not have the guts to look in front of the mirror and say Candyman five times. Funny how irrational humans can be.

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