Bye Bye Love

At the beginning of Bye Bye Love, the radio talk show host who accompanies the rest of the movie, says something like "for the next 48 hours, we will talk about nothing but divorce." And some would argue that the movie seems to drag on for exactly that long.

Three divorced dads, Dave, Donny, and Vic, are having a hard time finding other people to start a relationship with. Well, at least two of them are. Dave is a bit of a flirt who manages to end up in a position of having 3 girls for dinner, and that's the root of his problem. Donny is still in love with his ex, but somehow manages to discover that he and Dave's ex-wife have a great passion for each other. Vic manages to get into a blind date who unfortunately manages to acquire a hairball. Dave's kids don't think much of their father's philandering. Donny goes through what almost every father with a teenage offspring would go through. And Vic has a great workout breaking up the porch he built when he was married. That basically sums up the events that drive the movie.

Typically enough, the movie depicts a few other male bonding instances between the three boys. It also throws in a teenage McDonald's worker and his new trainee, with an age difference of about 50 years. It does try to illustrate what it would be like to live as a child when the parents are separated, but I'm not at all sure it gets any coherent message across.

It does have a good soundtrack (including songs like I Will (one of my favourite Beatles/love songs) and Bye Bye Love), but it's all covered. My problem with this and various other movie plots is: why would anyone want to get married in the first place? It is one of the most ridiculous institutions ever invented.

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