Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls is a traditional love story (boy and girl like each other but pretend to hate each other until the truth slowly dawns on them) set in a college campus, with some college humour thrown in.

Ryan (Freddie Pinze Jr.) sits next to Jennifer (Claire Forlani) on a plane just when they're about to start their teenage years. They don't get along. He is a romantic who believes in love. She, who has just started her period, is more cynical and believes in sowing her oats around. (Her reasons have to do with her upbringing and she is so afraid of being hurt that seeks out relationships with people who are abusive to her.) They follow each other through high school and then at college (the University of California, Berkeley). Over time they become close to each other. You can easily fill in the rest as to what happens when their friendship grows.

The movie has its funny moments, particularly because of the antics of Ryan's roommate Hunter (Jason Biggs) who's a compulsive liar, and Jennifer's friend Amy (Amanda Detmer), who is very close to her therapist. The acting by all the characters is quite good, and the cinematography (set in Berkeley and the San Francisco bay, a place I relate to) is excellent (though I do wonder how Jennifer gets back to Berkeley from the Golden Gate Bridge when she leaves Ryan brooding over the ocean--the Muni?).

The plot is fairly run-of-the-mill, but it is insightful in terms of relationships. Ryan's actions throughout are the best thing a person can do being involved in such a dysfunctional situation. Don't fall in love with someone who's messed up. If you do, and the other person doesn't see it, walk away from it. If the other person wakes up, then they will find you.

Boys and Girls is a decent date movie, worth renting if you're bored.

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