Blow Dry

Blow Dry is the first movie I've walked out of because I thought it was bad. After about 40 minutes or so into it, I realised this film was only going to get worse, and so we decided to check out Chocolat instead, which proved to be a great idea.

I'm writing this review simply to indicate how bland the movie was. The plot is about the British Hairdressing Championship to be held in the little town of Keighly, England. Ray (Bill Nighy), a master hairstylist, is keen on winning it, but Phil (Alan Rickman) and Shelley (Natasha Richardson) may throw a wrench in his plans if they can overcome their past differences and work together as a team.

I guess the idea of a hairdressing competition to rekindle old flames just doesn't work for me. It wasn't funny and it wasn't touching. In addition, giving one of the protagonists a terminal disease, and having two young actors do their best to look pretty, only make me realise that things were going to get worse. I definitely recommend giving this film a miss.

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