Bedazzled illustrates with good humour that you should be careful about what you wish for. You might just get it.

The plot is one that has been used in fiction for millennia (a classic example is Midas and his golden touch). The idea is what when you ask for wishes, you can never cover all bases, and so when you're granted them, you're never happy.

In this particular case, Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) is a loser. His friends dislike him. He has trouble holding a conversation with the girl he finds attractive for more than a few seconds. He cries himself to sleep every night, alone. Frustrated, he makes a promise that he'd give anything if things changed. In a flash, the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) seizes on his words and presents him with a Faustian bargain: seven awesome wishes for one piddling soul. Elliot agrees. But like with Midas, every wish of his only lands him into more trouble than he expected.

Elizabeth Hurley brings a sexy flavour to the whole film. There's something to be said for a hot vamp being able to grant any wish you desire. Brendan Fraser, who I'm not necessarily fond of, plays the role of awkward geek effectively. It's clear that the two leads and the supporting cast are enjoying themselves. The opening and closing scenes where the devil identifies the various "sins" of the different people whose souls she wants to process is worthy of a few chuckles. The San Francisco setting is also a plus.

Perhaps the most important thing the devil does for Elliot in putting him through the seven wishes trial is developing his character. Each ordeal makes him stronger to a point where he's finally able to stand up for himself. Bedazzled is a feel-good film that gives hope to every person who have found themselves in Elliot's shoes. The film is worth checking out just to see the various types of characters Elliot goes through (including a Colombian drug lord who realises he can suddenly speak Spanish; a basketball star who realises not everything in him is well-endowed; and the most sensitive person in the world).

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