Bad Company

On the surface, Bad Company is a film where American government agents recruit a unusual candidate to thwart a terrorist plot. But it really is about the relationship between the agent in charge of the recruitment and the iconoclastic saviour of the country.

Anthony Hopkins plays Gaylord Oakes, the agent responsible for recruiting Jake Hayes (Chris Rock) whose twin brother was apparently working for the CIA but was murdered when trying to procure a suitcase nuclear bomb. The CIA's plan is to use Jake to substitute for his twin and complete the deal with Gundars (Malcolm McDowell), the businessman who possesses the bomb. Everything should be straight-forward but it isn't because someone's trying to kill Jake and grab the bomb for themselves (and someone's trying to kill this individual).

It isn't important to keep track of the double- and triple-crosses. The important thing is that Hopkins and Rock don't have much chemistry though it could just be an editing issue: Hopkins delivers some of his lines with dryness that would shame the Sahara, but some of them end up being completely incongruous. Rock goes about his shtick with a decent amount of gusto, but he's mostly just spewing saliva in the wind. The action sequences are loud, but fairly decent.

Bad Company has its funny moments and is worth renting if you're out of choices and need to kill some time.

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