Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes now has taken its place among my list of the worst movies ever made. The plot is senseless, the dialogue horrible, and when I walked out of the film, I was wondering "what the hell was that all about?"

The plot involves a tough-talking police officer Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) and a semi-psycho named Catch (Jim Caviezel). They're both each other's guardian angels and fall in love with each other, but they both have pasts they've buried.

The acting is terrible. I wasn't convinced, not for one moment, that Lopez was a police officer. Caviezel portraying Catch's internal torment only manages to convince me that the character is inane.

The trailers for this film were totally misleading, as I expected a supernatural thriller of sorts. As it were, it's just a badly told love story with actors portraying characters in a totally unconvincing manner.

Fortunately for us, there is a lot to laugh about in the film. There were several times when I couldn't contain myself when the main protoganists began proselytising.

I don't recommend this film at all, but if you do start watching this film and realise that this isn't your cup of tea, I recommend muting the sound and filling in with your own dialogue (it's a lot of fun, trust me, if you're watching it with a few people).

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