2 Days in the Valley

They say that everyone is related to everyone. You know someone who knows someone who knows the person you need to know. 2 Days in the Valley is a study of this bizarre phenomenon. The plot is somewhat convoluted, in a Jackie Collins meets Robert Altman style, involving the interactons of various, previously unrelated people, all coming together at once.

An actual recounting of the plot of the film would be far too cumbersome. The basic premise involves a web of murder, betrayal, and failure. The intermingling of the various sub-plots is done elegantly, and before we know it, we're at the end of the movie. The music, while not the most contemporary, is definitely appropriate and well-chosen. The characters are all quirky and for the most part loveable, and those that aren't get their just desserts. I think some of the characters could've been utilised further, but that would've made the movie too long. The cast is really quite superb, with superior performances by Glenne Headly, Greg Cruttwell (playing a similar role as in Naked), and Eric Stoltz.

This is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Just try to get in for the matinee.

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