The Bouncing Cups

(I dreamt this one night. I don't believe my words at this time of writing do the images justice. Picture a black and white noir like atmosphere throughout except until the very end.)

Nadia was a single headstrong woman. She had three children, and they were her joy, her everything. There existed a dark aspect: she lived vicariously through her children, doing things for them, and making them do things, that she herself was seemingly deprived of in her childhood.

One day Nadia came up with the idea for the bouncing cups: a cup-like structure that fit around both legs of a toddler, cushioned with a bouncy material at the bottom, that could be used to jump and up and down and move around. This would give a toddler far more freedom than their developing, and frustrated, legs ever could. The image I have is of pulling next to her at a traffic stop and seeing her three children bounce up and down all around as rain splashed on the windows of her big SUV.

The early warning signs were there (besides her children routinely not wearing seatbelts). One day, while she was supposed to be donating the cups to a charitable institution, she started opening the boxes right in front of everyone and tried, in vain of course, to jump using the cups (something her mummy wouldn't have approved of at all). Insisting and indignant that she had a right to try them out even as security pulled her away as she screamed and fought and her chauffeur did his best to mediate. Realising they had offended their hosts severely, they ran back to the car in the pouring rain as she raged at her distraught surrogate husband to get the cups reloaded back in and open the door for her in the rain.

The most creative of toddlers could also tumble with these bouncing cups from the back seat of a car to the front. It was no surprise that Nadia's toddlers were creative and did this routinely, with Nadia's encouragement. It was also no suprise that during an ill-fated trip to the zoo that the door propped open with her children inside and all three tumbled into the wild animal enclosure.

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