100 Classic Hikes in Washington

100 Classic Hikes in Washington by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning is such a cool book that I usually make photocopies of the pages when I go on a hike to preserve the quality of the book as much as possible.

Each of the hikes has a beautiful colour picture accompanying a description of what the hike will be like, along with a map and detailed directions on how to get to the trailhead. The regions in the book showcased include the North Cascades, the Olympics, Mount Rainier and the South Cascades, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and Glacier Peak.

I don't think much of the tone that permeates throughout the book which classifies people according to their seriousness and commitment (in my view, what matters is that someone gets something out of their time in any of these hikes, regardless of their motivations for doing it).

If you can ignore that, the book is great for any newcomer to Washington interested in exploring nature and wanting a handy guide.

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