Pi à la mode

This piece was composed with Shriram Krishnamurthi. It has been published in the journal Cyberkind. The full-size artwork looks a lot better.


This piece was intended as a token of gratitude from us to our professors for the many ideas of beauty, delicacy and intellect they exposed us to over our four undergraduate years. It it also meant to be a memorial to those ideas themselves. Since much of our efforts have been directed toward objects mathematical and computational, and since the work was a capstone to a mathematics class, we chose to create a study of the constant Pi. The study embodies not only mathematical and computational, but also historical and personal trials, triumphs and tribulations.

For their contributions to this work we thank Brad Schwartz, who at one of our routine dinner meetings first proposed we do it, and Jim Krehbiel, who offered suggestions and gave us access to his Amiga 3000 computer on which Ram did most of the composition. Jim was also kind enough to let us print four portrait-size images of this work.

Most of all, the work is a token of our thanks to Drs. Jeffrey Nunemacher and Alan Zaring at Ohio Wesleyan, who opened up such substantial bodies of knowledge for us. Our most special thanks go to them for being there for us through our undergraduate years.

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