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Spot Remover

This is one of the more incredible Japanoise bands I've heard. A lot of Japanese heavy bands are too repetitive and too bland for my tastes, but the three chicks from Yellow Machine Gun have put out an album so strong and aggressive that it would put their idols (Rollins Band and Limp Bizkit) to utter shame. The music is characterised by heavy riffs and very well-done death metal style vocals complemented with tight drum and bass work. This is a band that is definitely going places! I have this theory that Japanoise music is a reflection of the repressed nature of Japanese society, and that the music provides a cathartic release for younger generation (the downside of it is that the music saps the energy from the people who might otherwise uprise). In any event, this band and album are definitely worth checking out by any fastcore fan.

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