William Jackson


This is a mostly instrumental collection of Irish and Scottish traditional music. Spider Stacy, of the Pogues, said that Irish music strikes directly at the heart. Jackson's music is a superbly crafted example of such music. Combining diverse instruments such as the harp, bagpipe, flute, fiddle, and even a string orchestra, Jackson delivers bouncy and upbeat melodies which are haunting and melancholic at the same time. At times, I could distinctly hear incorporations of Middle Eastern music in the songs, and this was highly effective in conveying to the listener the romanticism of the place known as Inchcolm (a small island north of Edinbourgh). Jackson's passion for his art is clearly evident in listening to the music on this disc, and in the lyrics and liner notes provided here (which include brief explanations about the songs). It is a rewarding experience to share this passion with him.

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