USC 8 was a more laid back event for me -- we went there late (around midnight) after having a good dinner and chilling out at a friend's place. As someone who's been to many Seattle events, this is the way I want to do this in the future (since getting there at 8p means you're tired by 2-3p).

I saw three DJs in a row that made for an amazing 4-5 hours of dance music: DJ Dan, Richard Humpty Vission, and Donald Glaude. I had seen Dan and Glaude before, and they were both awesome. Richard Humpty Vission was a first for me, and he too fit right in the middle of banging house lineup. Highlights of the evening included a great vibe, great music, and Glaude playing the Beastie Boys remix of Fight For Your Right.

The new venue, as opposed to the traditional Stadium Exhibition Center, was small, cozy and comfortable (though somewhat hot). We had some massages that were extremely relaxing. We then went downtown to Larry's and danced there till 8a. It was a great night out!

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || || June 18, 2004