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Red Heaven

This is one of the greatest bands this generation has produced. And this album reflects that to some degree, though the earlier stuff with Tanya Donelly (lead singer of Belly) is probably better (Donelly's initial contribution to this group was indeed substantial). This is one of the groups that has become relative popular without radio overplay. Check them out if you haven't already.


This album starts of promisingly with the fast-paced Bright Yellow Gun, marked by Kristin Hersh's distinct vocals. When I first heard this, I thought this was going to be another Real Ramona, minus Tanya Donelly. But as the album progressed, I realised this is yet another Muses album that will be largely ignored by the masses and commercial radio. The music is excellent and lasting, but it is simply not poppy, as usual. With the seemingly-obligatory pop track out of the way, Start presents the listener exactly what the rest of the album is going to be about: quirky vocals, off-beat lyrics, and non-traditional time signatures. It'll surely delight fans of Red Heaven. Dylan Hersh shows promise.

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