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One of the coolest groups I know, this is less slick than their Hats off to the Insane EP. These guys are Irish and their music is about mental derangement. Perhaps you could argue they reflect what British society has now descended to (it is decaying, as portrayed in movies like Naked (which is where I saw an ad for this group (within the movie) and picked up their albums).

Hats off to the Insane (EP)

This band has become one of my favourite groups now. They have short songs (between 2 and 3 minutes) that are very aggressive and pervasive. They are metal.


Therapy?'s latest release is amazing---the tunes are slick and intense, without being overly so. They are punctuated, both by staccato bursts of lyrics and music, all synchronised extremely well which gives them the urgent quality.

"With a face like this I won't break any hearts.
 And thinking like that I won't make any friends.
 Screw that.  Forget about that.  I don't wanna hear about anything like that.
 I've got nothing to do but hang around and get screwed up on you."
                                                      ---Therapy?, Screamager

Infernal Love

From their first album, Therapy? have moved from a raw metal sound to a slick poppy one. The sophistication in production has actually been good for this band for the most part, and has managed to bring forward the intricacies present in their music. The melodies in this album are as catchy as ever, and the guitars and drums are aggressive. The vocals (Andrew Cairns) sound more raw than on the previous Troublegum release, but fit the music very well. Previously Therapy? managed to interweave intricate harmonies with syncopated percussion. While that continues to some degree, there is some experimentation with noise. The lyrics still seeth with rage. Overall this is an excellent album, that continues the progression of Therapy? It is definitely worth getting if you are (or become) a fan, but I wouldn't recommend it for a first taste of Therapy?

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