Taj, Gianni, and Oliver Lieb

This show was a short and sweet one for me. I missed Marq (the opening DJ) but caught Taj and Gianni, as well as Oliver Lieb. I happen to like Taj's track selections a lot and it was indeed a "happy" set that they played but I think it worked well for the crowd that was there. Oliver Lieb was good and he definitely was choosing tracks that bumped up the energy levels higher and higher -- his last 30 minutes I thought included some really good techno music.

The show was held at a new venue called the Premier, which was very cool. I did find everyone to be very friendly and I liked the bathrooms, the bars, the sound, the lights, the parking was reasonable. I hope they suceed and keep it all about the music (i.e., no lame dress codes, etc.).

The people were an interesting mix of those who came for the music and those who came because it was a new "happening" club in Seattle (from what I observed and some conversations).

Great music, lights, and sound--great venue. Now if only they kept it open later with longer sets.

Music ramblings || Ram Samudrala || me@ram.org || February 7, 2004