Steve Morse Band

Structural Damage

This disk takes getting used to, but once you listen to it a few times, you'll easily realise that more than the technical proficiency exhibited here by Morse, his musical compositions are the true indication of his talent. The songs are all instrumental, soulful, intricate, melodious, and coupled with decent drumming (Van Romaine) and good bass work (by Dave LaRue). Morse, who is also the guitarist for the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple, shows off his guitar wizardry here. But it is done in a highly tasteful matter (though, as I said above, it takes a few listens to realise that Morse is doing something sophisticated instead of just wanking off on his instrument). There are some excellent solos, riffs, and licks here, and Morse is proof that you don't need to do acrobatics on scales in order to produce impressive guitar instrumentals. I only hope he can infuse this degree of sophistication into the new Purple material.

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