Status Quo

Interview with Rick Parfitt

Don't Stop

I think that the Beach Boys are about as quintessentially American as you can get. That is what makes the first track of Status Quo's 30th anniversary release, Don't Stop, so bizarre. Imagine the all-American tune Fun, Fun, Fun sung with a decidedly British accent. A bit disconcerting to say the least, but somehow it works. In fact, a surprising number of the tunes in this collection of covers were originally written and recorded by American artists.

The selection of the tunes is excellent and suits Quo's "boogie" style of music quite well. Guest stars The Beach Boys, Brian May, and Maddy Prior add some extra punch to the music. My favourite covers on this album include Get Back, and Safety Dance and Raining in My Heart.

It is not that Status Quo needs an introduction to people, but given their lack of presence in America for the last few years, a few members of the younger generation might not be aware that they're still alive and kicking. This album serves as reminder of their presence.

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