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Unleash the Beast

I'll be frank and admit that this is my first real exposure to Saxon and I was really surprised. The music is a cross between Iron Maiden and Helloween, typically characterised by great vocal melodies and searing guitar work. And it's not the same old rehash of heavy metal: the music sounds fresh, and energetic, and can best be described as vintage metal with a modern sound. If you're a fan of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this album will not disappoint.

The Eagle Has Landed II

This is one of the best live recordings of Saxon. The album was actually recorded on the Dogs of the War world tour in 1995, and show that the band can really rock when they the chemistry level is high. The mix and production are pretty good and the band is in fine form. Make sure you get this for the classic live renditions of songs like Dogs of War, Refugee, Solid Ball of Rock, The Eagle has Landed, and Wheels of Steel.

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