The music of Bill Laswell has always intrigued me for its non-traditionality. Ever since I listened to Seven Laws of Woo in a mix tape, I always wanted to get a Praxis CD. So I was looking at Transmutation in the CD shop and I was surprised to see Bootsy Collins was in charge of the "space bass" on this disk. Now, wanting also to check out Collins, I decided to get this CD. What a buy! This is self-indulgence at its extreme. Most of the songs are instrumentals, and the things that stand out the most are the Clarinet and Synth sounds. This is followed by the extensive processed bass, that is sure to delight Primus fans, especially in the Crash Victim track. In fact, with the jazzy drum sounds thrown it, it is very Primus-like, but what makes it really weird is the fact that you have various scratching and mixing effects thrown in for added measure. However, for all its weirdness, it seems to have 2-second melodic resemblances to various folk tunes and even songs by groups like Deep Purple!

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