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In 1995, Andi Deris left Pink Cream 69 to join Helloween and was replaced by British vocalist David Readman. While most would've considered that a loss, at least for the former band, the result was positive for both bands. This is the first album I'm listening to with Readman at the helm and I don't know how their previous albums with him compare, but the bands latest effort, Electrified, is, simply put, electrifying. The album goes back to their One Size Fits All roots and features a nice compromise between melodic German hard rock and the mainstream noise pop-rock of today. Comparisons to Helloween are inevitable even though Deris has left, and although the style is reminiscent of German neo-classical metal, but there's more of a rock 'n' roll flavour to this release. The soaring guitar melodies by Alfred Koffler is nicely tempered by Readman's vocals and a strong rhythm section comprising of Dennis Ward on drums and Kosta Zafiriou on drums. Tracks like Shame, Stranger in Time, Over the Fire, and Burn Your Soul are terrific tunes. A worthy addition to any metal collection.

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