The music on this album starts off like an aggressive call to arms. Dominated by percussion that almost weaves a melody out of the staccato beats, the album is packed with hard hitting thrash metal along the lines of masters like old Testament/Prong, and some funky wackiness reminiscent of Faith No More/Mr. Bungle. Overdose is a band from Brazil and their music focuses on letting out pent-up aggressions that result from witnessing the injustices that happen in their home country. While I've always though that metal lyrics (characterised by bands like Megadeth and Metallica) were a bit cliched, the passion in the music of this band comes off as being extremely sincere. The melding of the sitar and the second guitar in the song Last Words leads to a simply exquisite sound. This is a must-get album for any thrash afficionado.

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