Live Volume 1

Orleans is one of those bands whose music you've heard many times on the radio, particularly on classic rock stations, but never knew the name of. This album brought back many memories, and I didn't even know that Orleans had done some of the tunes on here. Pure professionals, this album features superb musicianship and slick production. The most interesting aspect of Orleans' music likens their name---they have been influenced by the music of New Orleans, especially the Meters, and when it's evident, it makes for some trippy rock. The music is also remiscent of other classic rock bands such as The Eagles, Alabama, and Lynrd Skynrd, and like these bands there're some moments when the guitar really soars. This album is a collection of their major hits (including Still the One) performed live. It is great wedding and prom music, among other things, and they did it years before Hootie and the Blowfish.


The music on this album is decent catchy pop-rock that has its moments. There's some decent guitar work, and the faster songs do boogie (ala Status Quo). The lyrics are pretty intelligent, and this was a bit of a surprise for me. Songs like Plastic Money (which has a cool funky groove and some neat guitar and keyboard soloing) rings profoundly true in this debt-ridden society, and Analog Man (the music is cheesy, but it works well) is like my computing science professor talking nostaligically about the days where they used punchcards to program machines. I however can't resist mentioning the name of the label on this release: Dinosaur Entertainment.

"They thought they needed democracy,
 but they found what will set them free is
 plastic money."
                 ---Orleans, Plastic Money

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