My Dying Bride

Interview with Calvin Robertshaw

In concert with Dio

Like Gods of the Sun

One listen to Like Gods of the Sun and Black Sabbath comes to mind immediately. The music of My Dying Bride has changed from an orchestral one, laden with keyboards and strings, to a guitar-based one. The guitar riffs are thundering, doomy, and catchy. The sound is decidedly optimistic, partly due to the crisp and clear production, and partly due to the music itself. The instrumentation is complex and the lyrics are insightful and sophisticated. The decade is winding down and if you look around, there are few bands, particularly in the metal scene, that have braved new frontiers without compromising their music. My Dying Bride is one such band, a band that has consistently put out superior material. I think Like Gods of the Sun is one of the best releases of the decade, both in terms of production and the music, and is a must-have for any metal afficionado.

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